Our 10 golden rules

According to an April 2021 study, 26% of French people surveyed have created ONE main password, which they adapt for each website on which they have an account. And some event go as far as saying they prefer to fill in their tax returns rather than create different passwords.
So, if you find the above relatable, we'd like to show you how easy it is to create strong passwords.

To help you in this mission, we suggest you follow 10 simple rules:

1- Avoid using easy words and personal information : no 123456, or iloveyou*
2- Choose long passwords, with numbers and special characters : ideal for slowing down busy hackers
3- Check the robustness of your password
4- Change your password often … in moderation
5- Remember a complex password : there are a few easy techniques for achieving this
6- Do not use the same password  on different websites
7- Use a password generator, if you're running out of new ideas
8- Use a password manager
9- Adopt two-factor authentification (because two locks are harder to pick than one)
10- Go towards the« simplexity » of authentification



Download our practical guide:

To help you make peace with passwords, download our practical guide!
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*Source : Study of NordPass : Top 200 most common passwords list 2022