Data confidentiality : a must in the Cloud 

For senior executives, it is legitimate to want to take advantage of the collaboration and productivity features offered by the Cloud.

However, they also need to be aware of the threat to their company's sensitive data when they are stored and shared in the Cloud.  

Our white paper,"Data confidentiality in the age of the Cloud", is specially designed for senior executives who want to guarantee the security and confidentiality of their data in a Cloud environment.

It offers: 

  • the fundamentals of data security on Cloud collaborative platforms,
  • solutions to fill the lack of native protection offered by Cloud platforms,
  • practical advice to pass on to the IT (security) manager,
  • the example of the Cloud at Microsoft 365


Discover the benefits of encryption for Cloud security!


Cloud security: key figures

of companies consider data security to be their main concern when migrating to the Cloud 
PwC Global Digital Trust Survey 2024

of security vulnerabilities exploited by cybercriminals are in the Cloud, and the number of attacks targeting the Cloud increased by 48%
in 2023 according to Orange Cyberdefense

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How to better protect your data in the Cloud? 

Whether you run an SME or a mid-tier company, when you store and share your data in the Cloud, it's crucial to be concerned by the confidentiality of your data. 

As a senior executive, you play an essential role in this protection process:  

  • Setting an example,
  • Raising employee awareness,
  • Dissemination of confidentiality best practices.

Set the tone, today, to ensure the security of your business in the Cloud.


Discover the top 3 actions taken by senior executives to protect their corporate data.




24% of companies have suffered 
a Cloud security incident

 in the last 12 months

Of these 24%, the incidents were due to:  

  • An incorrectly configured account or resource (19%),
  • A compromised account (16%),
  • Exploitation of a vulnerability (16%),
  • A user who has shared files inappropriately (16%).

Source: Cybersecurity Insiders 2023 Cloud Security Report



                 The building metaphor:  
                   Understanding security in the Cloud

Think of the Cloud as a modern, secure building with living spaces for storing and managing your personal belongings.

Cloud users are like tenants in this building, each with their own space in this shared space.

Cloud service providers play the role of security guards of this building, ensuring access security while guaranteeing that only authorised tenants can enter and access their flats.

Just as in a building where the security of each flat depends on the individual actions of its occupants, in the Cloud, data security depends on the choices and actions of the user company.

It is therefore necessary for the user company to take additional measures to maintain the confidentiality and security of its data.



Our white paper "Data confidentiality in the age of the Cloud" is much more than just content! 

It is an indispensable tool for senior executives seeking to navigate the complex landscape of data confidentiality in the Cloud.

Don't let your fears about data confidentiality get in the way of your transition to the Cloud.

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Did you know that: The correct term for making a message unreadable using a key is encrypting, not scrambling. 

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