Full Disk Encry ption 
important features and main tips to know
Nowadays, Full disk encryption’s a fundamental of data confidentiality solution.

Until about a few years ago, organisations cybersecurity processes were relatively simple because data and applications were hosted on premise, on their own servers.

According to the "fortress" model, it was sufficient to build “walls” to protect the information system of an organisation.

As you know, data are now outside the fortified castle with workstations fleets mainly composed of laptops.

Full disk encryption is the perfect solution to protect sensitive data stored on laptops of your employees travelling or commuting.

In this  30-minute session, we'll demonstrate:

  • Why disk encryption is a mature and fundamental solution for data protection?
  • What you need to know to select the right encryption solution for your business?
  • How to deploy a disk encryption solution effectively?

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Webinar animated by:

Sébastien FOURNIL
Key Account Manager Europe


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