Taking your encryption project
to another level

Encryption is a term that is nowadays bandied about with little care as to its true meaning in the mainstream media and in unscrupulous marketing spiel.
However, for all businesses, regardless of size, a state of the art encryptionbased passive defence system is a key component in a sound data confidentiality management system.

For CISOs - or for chief information officers who do not have the support of a chief information security officer - what matters is setting the right priorities.

Contrary to popular belief, what is critical to an efficient encryption solution is not technical mastery by experts and geeks, but rather the ability of the company to effectively roll out 
the project itself.
Encryption projects therefore are above all a question of governance and operational management rather than a question of technology per se.

Where do you start? How do you get organised? What are the mistakes CISOs just cannot afford to make? What stance do you need to take, in particular with regard to company management?
Finding answers to these questions is a priority when taking on an encryption project.


This whitepaper is intended to provide CIOs and CISOs with the keys they need to work their way through this type of project successfully.
The pointers in this document should therefore be seen as the starting point for a
rethink of your approach to data confidentiality to ensure it is consistent with the digital transformation of your organisation.


Deputy Managing Director

Pierre-Jean LECA
Chief Technical Officer

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